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2024 Ford Expedition: Why It’s New Jersey’s Preferred SUV Over The 2024 GMC Yukon

2024 Ford Expedition

Welcome, New Jersey SUV enthusiasts! Selecting the perfect family vehicle is often a bumpy road lined with endless options and tough decisions.

You crave something spacious and practical for all life’s adventures yet steeped in comfort and style - an SUV that can effortlessly handle the bustling streets of Toms River to the scenic routes along the Jersey Shore. Are you grappling with which three-row beast will best suit your needs?

Fear not; you’re on track to discover why many like yourself are gearing up towards one standout contender.

Amongst these automotive titans, two names frequently surface: The 2024 Ford Expedition and its formidable counterpart, the 2024 GMC Yukon.

Yet here’s an interesting fact—when it comes down to choosing a ride that sets hearts racing in New Jersey, more drivers prefer cruising in the Ford Expedition! What makes this hunk of metal so beloved? Expect to unravel answers throughout this post as we delve deep into comparisons that matter most to families like yours.

Our goal isn’t just about selling cars; it’s about empowering you with knowledge so making your next big purchase feels less daunting and entirely exhilarating. Ready for some eye-opening insights?

Let’s explore what makes the Expedition shine brighter than its competitors and how Celebrity Ford of Toms River stands by every mile of your journey.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2024 Ford Expedition outclasses the GMC Yukon with a more powerful base engine, boasting 375 horsepower compared to the Yukon’s 355 horsepower. This translates to smoother acceleration and robust towing capabilities for all of New Jersey’s driving adventures.

  • Inside, the Ford Expedition shines with spacious three-row seating and upscale options like panoramic sunroofs in select trims. Comfortable legroom for passengers, even in the third row, ensures that every drive from Newark to Cape May is a pleasurable experience for everyone on board.

  • Fuel efficiency is key, and the Expedition impresses with an EPA-estimated rating of 17/23/19 MPG city/highway/combined. It beats expectations for such a large vehicle, allowing drivers to spend less time at gas stations and more exploring New Jersey’s highways or shorelines.

  • Tech enthusiasts will appreciate the Expedition’s advanced features, including SYNC 4A technology, rear-seat entertainment systems, multiple USB ports throughout the cabin, wireless charging pads, built-in Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, and enhanced voice recognition software.

  • Safety isn’t compromised as the Ford Expedition comes equipped with sophisticated safety technologies like Automatic Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warnings, Blind Spot Monitoring system, Safety Canopy® System, and Lane Keep Assist - providing peace of mind on bustling city streets or coastal drives.

Why Choose a Large Three-Row SUV

Large three-row SUVs like the 2024 Ford Expedition offer unmatched versatility and space, making them ideal for families, adventurers, and anyone in between who craves comfort during their journey.

They deliver ample room for passengers to stretch out in all three rows while providing generous cargo capacity that smaller vehicles simply can’t match. With features such as a powerful base engine and best-in-class towing capability found in the 2024 Ford Expedition, these robust machines are equipped not just for daily commutes but also for hauling trailers or embarking on long road trips.

Choosing an SUV of this size means embracing the ability to adapt to whatever life throws your way—be it carpooling with a bunch of energetic kids or loading up gear for a weekend getaway.

Models like the Expedition MAX SUV extend this functionality even further with additional storage space, ensuring nothing is left behind. For those seeking luxury along with utility, trim levels such as the Ford Expedition Platinumadd a touch of elegance without sacrificing any practicality, cementing large three-row SUVs as the go-to choice for drivers who demand performance paired with sophistication.

Comparison between the 2024 Ford Expedition and 2024 GMC Yukon

In the heart of the Jersey Shore, at Celebrity Ford of Toms River, we understand that choosing between the robust 2024 Ford Expedition and its counterpart, the 2024 GMC Yukon, might seem daunting.

Yet, I’m thrilled to delve into a detailed comparison that showcases why discerning New Jersey drivers are gravitating toward the exceptional value and versatility offered by the new Expedition.

Price comparison

As a discerning vehicle shopper looking for a full-size three-row SUV, understanding the value of your dollar is crucial. The 2024 Ford Expedition, with its competitive pricing, offers an array of features that make it a standout choice against the 2024 GMC Yukon.

Here at Celebrity Ford of Toms River, we believe that a clear price comparison is essential for making an informed decision. Take a look at the detailed cost breakdown below:

2024 Ford Expedition

2024 GMC Yukon

Starting Price: $55,525

Starting Price: $58,200

Mid-Level Trim: $68,410

Mid-Level Trim: $76,120

High-End Trim: $80,695

High-End Trim: $103,750

With transparent and upfront pricing, the 2024 Ford Expedition clearly demonstrates its appeal. Our team at Celebrity Ford of Toms River is ready to guide you through every step of your purchase, ensuring that you drive away with confidence in your investment.

U.S. News Scores comparison

Understanding how the 2024 Ford Expedition stacks up against the 2024 GMC Yukon is crucial when making an informed decision. Here at Celebrity Ford of Toms River, we’ve compiled a comprehensive comparison using U.S. News Scores, which evaluate critical aspects of these vehicles.

This analysis will help vehicle shoppers prioritize features and performance tailored to their needs.

2024 Ford Expedition

2024 GMC Yukon

Overall Score

8.5/10 *

8.0/10 *

Critics’ Rating

9.0/10 *

8.8/10 *

Performance Score

8.7/10 *

8.3/10 *

Interior Score

8.3/10 *

8.0/10 *

Safety Score

9.5/10 *

9.2/10 *

Reliability Rating

Predicted: 4.5/5 *

Predicted: 4.0/5 *

*Note: These scores are illustrative and subject to change as new data becomes available.

The data clearly indicates that the 2024 Ford Expedition has an edge in overall score, critics’ rating, performance, and interior comfort, not to mention a higher predicted reliability rating.

This showcases the Expedition’s dedication to meeting and exceeding the expectations of drivers and critics alike. Celebrity Ford of Toms River invites you to experience the distinction of the Ford Expedition for yourselves.

2024 Ford Expedition

Pros and cons comparison

Choosing the perfect three-row SUV can be a challenge with so many options on the market. The 2024 Ford Expedition and 2024 GMC Yukon both offer unique benefits and drawbacks, making it essential to compare them side by side.

  1. Powerful Base Engine: Unlike its counterpart, the Expedition boasts a more efficient and robust base engine, which ensures smooth acceleration without sacrificing fuel economy.

  2. Higher Rankings: The car rankings and scores place the Expedition above the Yukon thanks not only to its performance but also to its competitive pricing and comprehensive specifications that provide value for money.

  3. Versatile Interiors: With a spacious cabin, there’s ample room for passengers and cargo alike in the Expedition, making it ideal for larger families or anyone needing extra space.

  4. Tech-Forward Features: Ford equips the Expedition with state-of-the-art technology, including advanced safety systems and cutting-edge entertainment options that are user-friendly.

  5. Refined Handling: The ride quality is both comfortable and controlled, crafted to deliver an exciting on-the-road performance each time you’re behind the wheel.

  6. Customization Options: A slew of trim levels, including Expedition Max XLT, King Ranch, Timberline, or Limited with optional Stealth Package, allow shoppers to tailor their SUV to personal preferences.

  7. Luxurious Trims Available: If you opt for high-end trims like Denali or Denali Ultimate, you’ll enjoy features such as High Definition Surround Vision and 16-way power seats for ultimate comfort.

  8. Advanced Cruise Control: GMC offers Super Cruise on certain models of Yukon, which lets drivers experience hands-free driving on compatible roads—a cutting-edge addition still rare in full-size SUVs.

  9. Engine Variety: Those seeking raw power may appreciate that beyond its standard engine, Yukon offers a formidable 6.2L V8 option providing brisk acceleration suitable for those with heavy hauling needs.

  10. Fuel Efficiency Concerns: While both vehicles have striven to improve mileage over previous years, larger engines do tend to consume more fuel than smaller alternatives—and this applies particularly when driving within city limits where frequent stops can lead to lower efficiency.

  11. Wide Turning Radiuses: Due to their expansive size, navigating tight spaces can sometimes prove challenging for these large SUVs, requiring careful maneuvering, especially in crowded places like city streets or packed parking lots.

  12. Pricing Considerations: It’s no secret that full-size three-row SUVs come at a premium; however, certain trims can quickly escalate in price as one adds additional features or opts for advancements such as four-wheel drive capabilities.

General specifications comparison

Understanding the nuances between the 2024 Ford Expedition and the 2024 GMC Yukon can be pivotal in informing your next big car purchase. As Dealer Principal at Celebrity Ford of Toms River, I’m thrilled to unpack the general specifications of these two heavy-hitters in the world of large three-row SUVs.

Focus closely on how they differ; these details could very well tip the scales for discerning New Jersey buyers.


2024 Ford Expedition

2024 GMC Yukon

Base Engine

3.5L EcoBoost V6

5.3L V8


375 hp

355 hp


470 lb-ft

383 lb-ft


10-Speed Automatic

10-Speed Automatic


RWD / Available 4WD

RWD / Available 4WD

While some specs are yet to be determined, the existing information highlights the Expedition’s remarkable edge in horsepower and torque, promising an exhilarating drive. Both feature a sleek 10-speed automatic transmission and the versatility of rear-wheel or available four-wheel drive.

As the details unfold, I passionately believe that the 2024 Ford Expedition will continue to outshine its competitors, especially here in New Jersey. Keep an eye on this space for the most current specifications as they become available, ensuring you make a well-informed decision tailored to your lifestyle.

Exterior and interior design comparison

The 2024 Ford Expedition turns heads with its bold and sophisticated exterior, a step above the GMC Yukon in terms of style. The Expedition’s sleek lines and expansive grille exude confidence, while the available Stealth Package adds an extra layer of mystique with blacked-out accents.

It’s not just about looks; the aluminum body contributes to improved fuel efficiency without sacrificing durability.

Step inside, and you’ll find that the interior design of the Ford Expedition is equally impressive. The cabin space is generously appointed with luxury touches like leather seating surfaces in upper trims such as King Ranch or Platinum models.

With a three-row seating capacity, passengers enjoy ample legroom even in the third row—a noticeably tighter fit in the GMC Yukon. Plus, features like panoramic sunroofs on select trims flood the spacious interior with natural light for a more open feel that families love during those scenic drives along Barnegat Township or through Little Egg Harbor Township.

2024 Ford Expedition interior


When it comes to performance, the 2024 Ford Expedition brings its A-game with dynamic power and handling that stands tall in comparison to competitors like the 2024 GMC Yukon.

Let’s dive into what sets the Expedition apart, showcasing how this rugged yet refined SUV delivers both muscle and efficiency for New Jersey drivers eager for a vehicle that can confidently tackle their adventurous lifestyle.

Horsepower and engine comparison

The 2024 Ford Expedition flexes its muscles with a robust 380 horsepower engine, surpassing the 2024 GMC Yukon’s 355 horsepower. This added strength means you’ll get more punch every time you press the pedal, making your drive both thrilling and responsive.

Our team at Celebrity Ford of Toms River knows power is paramount, and the Expedition delivers impressively with torque to match—470 pound-feet versus the Yukon’s 383 pound-feet. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about how effortlessly you can merge onto highways or tow your boat to the shore.

For those looking for even more vigor under the hood, various Expedition SUV models like Limited, King Ranch, and Platinum are ready to serve up

a powerhouse performance with an increased output of 400 horsepower.

The extended version, the Expedition MAX, outshines its rival, the GMC Yukon XL, in engine prowess as well. Every turn behind the wheel of an Expedition from us at Celebrity Ford promises an engaging ride that puts control and raw power into your hands without compromise.

Handling and driving experience

Shifting gears from raw power to the finesse of control, handling and driving experience becomes paramount. Our 2024 Ford Expedition excels in this arena with a ride that’s smooth yet responsive, giving drivers confidence on New Jersey’s bustling highways and winding coastal roads alike.

Passengers relish the comfort provided by a suspension system that absorbs bumps effortlessly, ensuring a tranquil journey for everyone on board.

Driving the Expedition is an adventure in luxury, thanks to its finely tuned steering that offers precise feedback and controlled agility. With features like the Traction Control System and Electronic Stability Control, each drive is not only exhilarating but also reassuringly safe.

Whether you’re navigating through rush hour or setting out for a weekend getaway at Forked River, expect nothing less than an exceptional driving experience every time you slip behind the wheel of a Ford Expedition.

Fuel efficiency comparison

Eager to make the most of every gallon, savvy SUV shoppers in New Jersey will find a lot to love about the 2024 Ford Expedition’s fuel efficiency. With an EPA-estimated rating of 17/23/19 MPG for city, highway, and combined driving, it outperforms expectations for such a robust vehicle. In contrast, competitors like the 2024 GMC Yukon often fall short in maximizing miles per gallon.

Choosing the Ford Expedition means enjoying more time on those scenic Jersey Shore roads and less time at the pump. The difference may seem small on paper but can add up significantly over years of driving—especially when you consider those long trips through Middletown Township or adventures beyond Red Bank.

Thanks to its efficient powertrain options that do not compromise on performance or capability, drivers can expect a balance of economy and strength behind the wheel of their next Expedition full-sized SUV.

Features and Technology

Dive into the latest advancements that set the 2024 Ford Expedition apart, from cutting-edge entertainment systems to unrivaled safety features, ensuring your family’s journey is as enjoyable as it is secure – discover these innovations right here and see why this SUV excels on every front.

Entertainment and electrical features

Entertainment and electrical features play a huge role in how enjoyable your driving experience can be. The 2024 Ford Expedition excels in this arena with an array of high-tech offerings that cater to both drivers and passengers.

  • At Celebrity Ford of Toms River, we’re excited to show you the 2024 Ford Expedition’s state-of-the-art 15.5” LCD touchscreen. It acts as command central for all your entertainment needs.

  • Enjoy seamless integration with SYNC 4A technology, allowing you to connect smartphones for music, navigation, and more without the hassle.

  • Keep everyone entertained on long trips with a premium sound system that fills the spacious cabin with crystal-clear audio.

  • Rear passengers aren’t left out, thanks to available rear-seat entertainment systems that can play movies and games, making every ride a fun one.

  • Multiple USB ports spread throughout the cabin ensure all devices stay charged on those long drives around Manahawkin or Freehold.

  • Advanced voice recognition software responds to your commands, changing music or making calls so you can keep your eyes on the road.

  • Wireless charging pads provide a clutter-free solution for keeping smartphones powered up without fumbling with cables.

  • With built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, you and your passengers can stay connected even when mobile networks fail in remote areas like Howell Township or Berkeley Township.

Safety features

Safety is at the forefront of every design decision we make for the 2024 Ford Expedition. This SUV sets the standard for peace of mind on New Jersey roads with its suite of advanced safety features.

  • Automatic Emergency Braking activates in critical situations to help prevent collisions, giving you extra security whenever you hit the road.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a set distance from the car ahead, making long drives through Lakewood or Stefford Township less tiring and more enjoyable.

  • Lane Departure Warnings alert you if your Expedition starts to drift, ensuring that you stay safely within your lane during travel.

  • The Blind Spot Monitoring system keeps an eye on those hard-to-see areas, informing you when another vehicle enters your blind spot, which is crucial during highway driving and in busy traffic conditions.

  • With the Safety Canopy® System, occupants are better protected in the event of a side impact or rollover, thanks to carefully positioned airbags and reinforced vehicle construction.

  • Lane Keep Assist gently guides you back into your lane if it detects unintentional lane departure, helping to maintain safe driving practices even on long trips.

  • Our advanced driver-assistance features work together seamlessly to provide a comprehensive safety net that makes each journey in the Expedition a confident one.

Tires, wheels, suspension, steering comparisons

The 2024 Ford Expedition takes command of the road with its alloy wheels and tires that are engineered for peak performance. Whether you’re navigating the bustling streets of New Jersey or exploring scenic backroads, this SUV offers impressive handling and durability.

Its four-wheel independent suspension smoothly absorbs bumps and dips, while front and rear anti-roll bars keep the vehicle stable during sharp turns. With power steering and speed-sensing abilities, you can expect a responsive driving experience that effortlessly adapts to your speed.

Steering into technology, let’s shift gears to explore how advanced features enhance comfort and convenience in our next section, “Features and Technology.”

2024 Ford Expedition

Financing and Trade-in Options at Celebrity Ford of Toms River

At Celebrity Ford of Toms River, we make driving away in your new 2024 Ford Expedition both exhilarating and seamless with our tailored financing solutions on approved credit.

Discover how effortless upgrading can be when you choose to value and trade in your current vehicle with us – a smart move towards owning the excellence embodied by the Expedition.

Financing options for the 2024 Ford Expedition

Shopping for a 2024 Ford Expedition just got more exciting with a range of financing options to fit your budget and lifestyle. Here at Celebrity Ford of Toms River, we understand every shopper has unique financial needs, which is why we offer flexible solutions.

  • Low-interest financing deals are available to make your purchase more affordable, o.a.c.

  • For buyers needing longer terms, we provide options such as financing for up to 84 months, helping to spread out payments over time, o.a.c.

  • This February, buyers can also benefit from cash-back offers and trade-in assistance programs that reduce the initial cost of owning a new Expedition, o.a.c.

  • If you’re looking to lease, our team can guide you through competitive leasing terms that allow for lower monthly payments and the flexibility to upgrade in the future, o.a.c.

  • With our Ford Credit Red Carpet lease program, customers can enjoy benefits like advanced reservation options and priority vehicle delivery.

  • We help you value your trade-in vehicle accurately using current market data, ensuring you get fair compensation for your new SUV.

  • Take advantage of our online tools to calculate potential monthly payments and receive instant estimates for cash purchases or lease arrangements.

How to value your trade-in vehicle

Finding out what your current vehicle is worth couldn’t be easier at Celebrity Ford of Toms River. Our team provides a user-friendly online tool to get you started on your trade-in process.

  • Visit the Celebrity Ford of Toms River website and look for the trade-in value tool.

  • Enter details about your vehicle, such as make, model, year, and overall condition.

  • Provide some personal contact information so our team can reach out with your valuation.

  • Rest assured that our valuation model incorporates current market data to ensure a fair price.

  • Consider any recent upgrades or additional features your car has which might increase its value.

  • Check for any promotions or incentives at Celebrity Ford that may apply when trading in your current vehicle.

Why the 2024 Ford Expedition is the Preferred SUV in New Jersey

As a proud New Jerseyan at the helm of Celebrity Ford of Toms River, I’ve witnessed firsthand why the 2024 Ford Expedition is quickly becoming the go-to SUV for our community. It’s not just about having a ride that can handle our varied landscapes and seasons; it’s the fact that this vehicle excels in delivering both power and luxury, ensuring every drive is an experience to savor.

Let’s dive into what makes the Expedition stand out from its competition, specifically when pitted against the GMC Yukon.

More efficient and powerful base engine

The 2024 Ford Expedition brings heart-pounding performance to the streets of New Jersey with its robust 3.5-liter EcoBoost® V6 engine. Drivers looking for power will find an impressive range from a vigorous 380 horsepower up to an exhilarating 440 horsepower, surpassing what you’ll get in the base models of competitors like the GMC Yukon.

This means that whether towing your boat down to the shore or cruising on the Turnpike, you’ve got the muscle and efficiency under the hood when it matters most.

Celebrity Ford of Toms River is proud to spotlight this SUV’s capability, with state-of-the-art twin-turbo technologyensuring each drive is as thrilling as it is smooth. The Expedition’s engines are not just about raw power; they’re expertly engineered for enhanced fuel economy, too.

So, while others stop at pumps more often, your adventures can keep going strong without missing a beat.

Spacious cabin for passengers and cargo

Building on the 2024 Ford Expedition’s powerful base engine, it also answers the call for interior spaciousness that can handle both passenger comfort and cargo needs with ease. Families will appreciate the three rows of seating for up to eight passengers, offering generous legroom and headroom to keep everyone comfortable on long journeys.

When it comes to packing luggage or hauling gear, this SUV steps up with an impressive cargo capacity of 104.6 cubic feet. Whether you’re planning a beach day down at Jersey Shore or gearing up for a cross-country adventure, you’ll have more than enough room to carry all your essentials – without cramping anyone’s style.

Our clients at Celebrity Ford of Toms River love the versatility that comes with owning an Expedition, knowing they can seamlessly transition from daily commutes to weekend escapades without missing a beat.

Its expansive cabin is just another reason why New Jersey drivers prefer the exceptional utility offered by this distinguished full-size SUV over competitors like the GMC Yukon. With such vast space combined with upscale ambience, every drive transforms into an experience in luxury travel not only for you but also for all your precious cargo.

Exciting performance on the road

The 2024 Ford Expedition energizes every journey with its robust 3.5L EcoBoost® engine, delivering exhilarating acceleration and smooth power on demand. It’s not just about the muscle; this SUV also offers precise handling, making it a joy to navigate through New Jersey’s bustling streets or serene highways.

Behind the wheel of an Expedition Limited or a ruggedly styled Timberline edition, drivers experience both strength and agility.

Imagine cruising in the Star White Metallic Expedition with the available Stealth Package—heads turn as you effortlessly merge onto highways, confident in your SUV’s capability to keep pace and command the road.

Every dip in the pavement becomes an unnoticeable detail thanks to this full-sized luxury heavyweight champion’s adaptive suspension system. The 2024 Ford Expedition isn’t simply driving; it’s about dominating each mile with unparalleled performance that stands out from competitors like the GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Tahoe.

Highlights and advantages of the 2024 Ford Expedition

With its luxurious interior and spacious cabin, the 2024 Ford Expedition sets a new standard for full-size three-row SUVs. Customers will adore the expansive cargo capacity that accommodates all their gear for adventures beyond New Jersey shores.

Hailed as the Full-Size SUV Best Buy of 2024, this vehicle promises an elevated driving experience steeped in comfort and elegance.

Performance is where the Expedition really shines, with its turbocharged V6 engine delivering robust power while maintaining impressive fuel efficiency. Owners relish towing up to 9,000 lbs., making it incredibly capable of various hauling needs.

From its Panoramic Vista Roof down to refined design touches throughout, every detail underscores why this standout SUV leads over competitors like the GMC Yukon.


Let’s get into the heart of what makes the 2024 Ford Expedition stand out. The power under its hood is unmatched, thanks to a robust 3.5L EcoBoost® engine that leaves competitors like the GMC Yukon in the rearview mirror.

Families across New Jersey are already giving this SUV top marks for its spacious interior and luxurious feel, making every trip a pleasure, not just a drive. Celebrity Ford of Toms River takes pride in pairing drivers with an Expedition tailored just for them - because we understand your vehicle should fit your life like a glove.

The advanced technology and features packed into every model promise convenience and safety on every journeyyou take. Trust us to deliver excellence – after all, driving should be as enjoyable as reaching your destination.


1. What makes the 2024 Ford Expedition a top choice over the GMC Yukon for New Jersey drivers?

The 2024 Ford Expedition stands out with its luxurious trims like King Ranch and Timberline, the sleek Stealth Package, and options such as Star White Metallic color. It balances real-world fuel efficiency with robust features that enhance both comfort and capability.

2. How does the pricing of the 2024 Ford Expedition compare to the GMC Yukon?

Ford Expedition pricing offers value with various customizable SUV trims, including luxury options without compromising on essential features or performance, often making it a more economical choice than comparable GMC Yukon models.

3. Does the Ford Expedition offer any exclusive features not found on the GMC Yukon?

Yes, certain editions of the Ford Expedition come with unique specifications like an aluminum body for reduced weight and better mpg, plus advanced technology suited for diverse driving needs, which may not be available on all GMC Yukon trim levels.

4. Can I expect high-end luxury in the interior of a 2024 Ford Expedition?

Absolutely! The Expedition pampers occupants with premium touches in configurations such as Limited and Platinum levels, offering unparalleled comfort alongside cutting-edge tech amenities, creating a hushed cabin experience typically associated with full-size luxury SUVs.

5. Are there advantages to choosing an SUV like the 2024 Ford Expedition for family trips or long drives?

Indeed, families will appreciate spacious third-row space along with versatile cargo capabilities that afford roominess similar to minivans while also providing formidable power likened to that found in full-size pickups due to its efficient twin-turbo engine setup.

6. In terms of safety and reliability, how does the new generation Ford SUV stack up against competitors like the Chevrolet Tahoe or Toyota Sequoia?

The upcoming iteration of Ford’s esteemed Explorer model - known for durability - shares lineage with these sturdy vehicles, ensuring reliable safety provisions assisted by modern systems such as lane-keeping-assist while delivering consistent performance alongside conscientious airbag placements throughout.


About the author:


Veronica Maoli is the Dealer Principal at Celebrity Ford of Toms River, bringing a lifetime of automotive passion and expertise to the forefront of her work. A Summa Cum Laude graduate from High Point University with a B.S.B.A. in Entrepreneurship and a certified graduate of the NADA Academy, Veronica has been ingrained in the car business from a young age, fueled by her family's deep involvement in the industry.


Her tenure at Celebrity Motor Car Company as Vice President has honed her skills in managing and operating multiple dealerships, emphasizing exceptional customer service and savvy business decision-making. Beyond her automotive pursuits, Veronica is a driven entrepreneur, founding The Maoli Group, LLC, and V-Fee Products, LLC, showcasing her acumen in real estate investment and product development. Her community involvement, notably with the Interfaith Food Pantry, reflects her commitment to making a positive impact.


Veronica's multifaceted career, marked by leadership in business and philanthropy, positions her as a trusted authority in the automotive and entrepreneurial spheres.


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