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Keep Your Ford SUV in Top Condition: Maintenance Insights From Celebrity Ford of Toms River

Updated: Jan 5

Ford Escape SUV

We're driving, thriving, and striving to keep your Ford SUV running like new.

At Celebrity Ford of Toms River, we've mastered the art of vehicle maintenance, ensuring every journey is as smooth as the first.

From regular oil changes to brake system care, we've got the tips and tricks to extend your ride's life.

Embrace the camaraderie of Ford owners and join us in maintaining the health of your SUV with our expert, brand-specific advice.

Key Takeaways

  • Regular oil changes with high-quality motor oil are crucial for maintaining engine health.

  • Tire maintenance, including tire rotation and proper tire pressure, is essential for safety, fuel efficiency, and performance.

  • Regular brake system care, including brake pad replacement and brake fluid testing, is important for safe and reliable stops.

  • Regular maintenance of filters and fluids, such as coolant checks, transmission fluid replacements, and air and fuel filter replacements, is necessary for optimal engine efficiency and longevity.

Regular Oil Changes Explained

Conducting regular oil changes is crucial for maintaining the engine health of your Ford SUV. As we're part of the Ford family, we understand the significance of every component that keeps our vehicles running smoothly.

Oil viscosity isn't just a term; it's the lifeblood characteristic that ensures your engine's moving parts are protected and functioning optimally. That's why we pay close attention to the manufacturer's recommended viscosity grades, tailoring them to your model's specific needs and the driving conditions you face.

We don't just stop at oil quality; we also map out the ideal change intervals to safeguard your engine's longevity. These intervals are designed to anticipate the demands placed on your SUV, whether it's the daily commute or adventurous off-roading. For most Ford SUVs, the change interval might range between 5,000 and 7,500 miles, but we'll always adjust this recommendation based on your vehicle's unique profile and usage patterns.

Joining us at Celebrity Ford of Toms River means you're not just getting a service; you're embracing the peace of mind that comes with meticulous care for your Ford SUV. You're part of a community that values precision, reliability, and a shared commitment to excellence on the road.

Ford Oil Change

Importance of Tire Maintenance

Beyond regular oil changes, we're equally committed to tire maintenance, as it's essential for safety, fuel efficiency, and overall performance of your Ford SUV. At Celebrity Ford of Toms River, we understand that each component of your vehicle plays a crucial role in creating that sense of belonging and trust in your Ford.

Tire rotation is a key element in extending the life of your tires and ensuring even wear. We recommend following Ford's specific maintenance schedule, which typically suggests tire rotation every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. This process involves repositioning your tires in a specific pattern, promoting uniform tire wear and maintaining optimal handling and traction.

Moreover, pressure monitoring isn't just about avoiding flat tires. It's about preserving the integrity of your SUV's performance. Properly inflated tires reduce rolling resistance, which can significantly improve your fuel economy. With the latest tools and technology, we ensure your tires are inflated to Ford's precise specifications for your specific model.

We're here to keep you, your family, and your Ford SUV safe on the road. Trust us to handle your tire maintenance with the expertise and attention to detail your vehicle deserves.

Ford Tire Maintenance

Brake System Care Essentials

Just as we prioritize tire maintenance, we're equally vigilant when it comes to your brake system, ensuring every stop is as safe and reliable as the last.

At Celebrity Ford of Toms River, we understand that your Ford SUV is more than just a vehicle; it's a trusted member of your family. That's why we're committed to providing meticulous brake system care that includes regular brake pad replacement and brake fluid testing.

Our expert technicians are trained to spot the subtle signs of wear that might escape others' notice. When it comes to brake pad replacement, we don't just swap out parts; we carefully assess the entire brake system to ensure every component is functioning in harmony—a hallmark of Ford's engineering excellence.

Brake fluid testing is another critical aspect of our comprehensive maintenance approach. We're fastidious about checking for contamination and moisture levels because we know that the integrity of your brake fluid is paramount for responsive braking performance.

We're here to ensure that your Ford SUV remains the reliable, safe, and high-performing vehicle you expect it to be. Trust us to be the guardians of your brakes, and you'll be part of a community that values safety and quality above all.

Ford Brake System Care

Engine Health: Filters and Fluids

Maintaining your Ford SUV's engine health is pivotal, and we're here to guide you through the essential care of filters and fluids that keep it running smoothly. As part of the Ford family, you understand the importance of meticulous engine maintenance, and we're committed to helping you preserve the robust performance and reliability of your vehicle.

Here's a breakdown of the key steps we recommend:

  1. Regular Oil Changes: Stick to the recommended schedule for oil changes, using only high-quality motor oil that's appropriate for your specific Ford SUV model.

  2. Coolant Checks: Ensure proper coolant levels and look for any signs of contamination. Regular coolant flushes and replacements contribute to optimal engine temperature control and prevent overheating.

  3. Transmission Maintenance: Keep your transmission in peak condition with timely fluid replacements and filter changes, following Ford's specifications for your SUV.

  4. Air and Fuel Filter Replacements: Maximize your engine's efficiency and longevity by replacing these filters according to your maintenance schedule.

We're proud to offer our expertise in maintaining your Ford SUV with a focus on these critical aspects. Count on us to provide detailed, brand-specific care, ensuring you're always part of the Ford community's tradition of excellence on the road.

Ford Engine Health

Seasonal Checks for Reliability

How can we ensure your Ford SUV navigates seasonal changes with ease? At Celebrity Ford of Toms River, we're all about keeping your vehicle reliable through every season.

When the temperature drops, winterizing your SUV is crucial. We'll start with the basics: checking your antifreeze levels and the strength of your cooling system. This is a critical step to prevent freezing and ensure your engine maintains optimal operating temperatures.

We don't just stop at antifreeze; our winterizing tips include inspecting your battery, tire tread depth, and pressure, as well as ensuring your defroster and heating systems are functioning properly. These checks are vital to your safety and your Ford's performance during the colder months.

As the seasons change, so do your Ford's needs. We're dedicated to performing a thorough inspection of all components affected by seasonal shifts. From the integrity of your cooling system in the summer heat to preparing your SUV for winter's chill, we've got the brand-specific expertise to keep you covered.

Together, let's make sure your Ford remains a symbol of reliability, no matter what the weather brings. At our dealership, you're part of the Ford family, and we're committed to helping you drive with confidence through every season.

Ford Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Improve the Fuel Efficiency of My Ford SUV Beyond Regular Maintenance?

  • We can boost our Ford SUV's fuel efficiency by optimizing our driving habits and regularly checking tire pressure, ensuring we're part of a savvy community that values smart, brand-specific care.

What Are the Best Practices for Preserving the Paint and Exterior Finish of My Ford Suv?

  • We're keeping our Ford SUVs shining like diamonds with best practices for color protection. Regular wax treatments are essential, safeguarding the paint from the harsh elements with a technical, brand-specific approach we all value.

Are There Any Specific Modifications or Accessories Recommended by Celebrity Ford of Toms River to Enhance My SUV's Performance or Longevity?

  • We recommend custom upgrades like performance chips and towing enhancements to boost your SUV's capabilities. Trust us to provide brand-specific advice that'll ensure you're part of the Ford family for years to come.

How Does the Onboard Computer System Contribute to Vehicle Maintenance, and Can I Access Its Diagnostics for Self-Maintenance Tips?

  • We're navigating the digital highways of onboard diagnostics, which enhance our Ford's upkeep. Accessing self-service tips lets us decode maintenance mysteries and ensures we're all part of the Ford family's journey to peak performance.

What Should I Do to Prepare My Ford SUV for Long-Term Storage or Minimal Use to Ensure It Remains in Top Condition?

  • We'll ensure our Ford SUV's longevity by meticulously attending to battery maintenance and tire care, fostering a sense of unity in preserving our vehicle's peak condition during extended storage or infrequent use.


At Celebrity Ford of Toms River, we know that maintaining your Ford SUV is the key to keeping it running like a well-oiled machine. Regular upkeep is no drop in the bucket; it's vital for your vehicle's longevity and performance.

From oil changes to brake inspections, we've got you covered with our brand-specific expertise. Trust us to ensure every journey is safe and smooth because we're not just about cars—we're about the people who drive them.


About the author:

Veronica Maoli is the Dealer Principal at Celebrity Ford of Toms River, bringing a lifetime of automotive passion and expertise to the forefront of her work. A Summa Cum Laude graduate from High Point University with a B.S.B.A. in Entrepreneurship and a certified graduate of the NADA Academy, Veronica has been ingrained in the car business from a young age, fueled by her family's deep involvement in the industry.

Her tenure at Celebrity Motor Car Company as Vice President has honed her skills in managing and operating multiple dealerships, emphasizing exceptional customer service and savvy business decision-making. Beyond her automotive pursuits, Veronica is a driven entrepreneur, founding The Maoli Group, LLC, and V-Fee Products, LLC, showcasing her acumen in real estate investment and product development. Her community involvement, notably with the Interfaith Food Pantry, reflects her commitment to making a positive impact.

Veronica's multifaceted career, marked by leadership in business and philanthropy, positions her as a trusted authority in the automotive and entrepreneurial spheres.


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